• HIX Industrial Preheating Ovens are perfect for heating your products prior to applying a coating or label, injection molding, vacuum forming, or thermoforming. With over 55 years of experience, HIX Industrial Ovens can custom design and engineer your Industrial Preheating Oven to fit your exact application. Our Industrial Ovens are manufactured to maximize energy efficiency and your productivity because our sales team works closely with our engineering and production departments to ensure that you receive the correct Industrial Oven for your process. We have both batch oven and continuous conveyor oven designs with a large list of options available, including PLC and HMI controls to integrate the oven with robotic production systems.

    • Our primary focus are Industrial Ovens with a maximum temperature of up to 600°F
    • Infrared, Infra-Air (Infrared w/ recirculating air), Electric Hot Air Convection, & Gas Hot Air Convection heat is available
    • Application and Process specific designs and specifications

  • Examples of Preheating Applications


    Infra-Air oven used to preheat automotive glass after being loaded by a robotic assembly.

    • Infrared heat combined w/ top down adjustable airflow impingement
    • Dual 20” wide Stainless Steel wire belts w/ silicone tipped belt fixtures
    • Robotic PLC & HMI interfacing controls
    • Adjustable belt speed, air circulation, and temperature
    • 13.75’ long heating chamber with 3” fume hoods
    • 200°F-400°F operating temperature
    • 240V, 160Amps, 196,000 BTU (480v available)
    • Built to UL-499 standards


    Infrared oven used to preheat plastic buckets prior to logo stamping.

    • Special high wattage Infrared heaters on the oven sidewalls
    • 24” wide Stainless Steel wire mesh belt
    • 18” high oven chamber openings with adjustable doors
    • Adjustable belt speed & temperature
    • 5’ long heating chamber with 6” fume hoods
    • 500°F operating temperature
    • 240V, 60Amps, 70,525 BTU (480v available)
    • Emergency stops
    • Built to UL-499 standards


    Natural Gas oven used to preheat polycarbonate sheets prior to forming.

    • 24’ long heating chamber with 12” fume hoods
    • 60” wide fiberglass mesh belt
    • 13” high oven chamber openings with adjustable doors
    • Adjustable belt speed and temperature
    • 300°F operating temperature
    • Two 250,000 BTU UL certified burners
    • Emergency stops
    • Belt tracking edge alignment rollers
    • Built to UL-795 standards


    Infra-Air oven used to melt resin into carbon fiber that is used as light weight structural support material.

    • Infrared heat combined with top down adjustable airflow
    • 48” wide Stainless Steel wire mesh belt with separate process conveyor
    • Adjustable belt speed, air circulation, and temperature
    • 11’ long heating chamber with 12” fume hoods
    • 350°F operating temperature
    • 480V, 50Amps, 110,029 BTU (240v available)
    • Built to UL-499 standards

    • Oven Chamber Opening Height
      • A customized oven chamber opening height allows for accurate heat retention and air circulation by engineering a specific distance between the product and the heaters.
    • Belt Height
      • The belt height can be set to match partnering equipment in order to facilitate easy loading and unloading of the product. Adjustable belt height also allows for changes in future operations.
    • Belt Type
      • Belt type selection allows for more control over air-flow, process effectiveness, and belt longevity.Belt types include: Stainless Steel wire, PTFE coated fiberglass, Nomex, Kevlar, and more.
    • Oven Interface Systems
      • PLC & HMI interface systems can be designed, programmed, and installed to match your application, making sure that the operation and controls are simple and intuitive to use.
    • Specialized Controls and Communication
      • Customized controls allow for better process control and communication. They can be wired for remote monitoring or can be connected to automated systems to protect the product, process, and notify the operator if something is incorrect.
    • Additional Airflow
      • Some processes require a higher level of air circulation or custom air impingement to increase the energy efficiency and quality of the product. Airflow can be customized as top-down, bottom-up, or horizontal impingement.
    • Photo Eye Belt Stop Sensors
      • Photo Eye belt stop sensors located near the exit of the oven will notify operators and integrated robotic assemblies that the parts are ready for loading and unloading.
    • Conveyor Belt Fixtures
      • Our engineering team and machine shop can custom design special belt fixtures to carry your product through the oven. This will increase even heating and part quality.
    • Indexing Belt System
      • Indexing belts are important to integrated robotic pick and place systems by helping maintain accurate processing times and production cycles.
    • Forced Air Cooler Unit
      • When a product needs to be cooled after being heated and before being handled, or the next step in the process, filtered forced ambient air coolers can be installed to maintain accurate temperatures.
    • Robotic Pick and Place Interface Systems
      • PLC and HMI controls, specialized sensors, and custom fixtures can be installed to integrate with pick and place robotic assemblies.
    • Heat Curtains and Adjustable doors
      • Heat curtains and adjustable doors provide added energy efficiency by minimizing the heat loss from the oven chamber openings.
    • High & Low Temperature Alarm Sensors
      • Quality assurance is increased with temperature sensors that will notify an operator if the oven temperature deviates from the temperature controllers set range.
    • Infeed & Delivery Conveyor Belt Extensions
      • Conveyor Oven belt extension length can be customized to match your process needs. Extension lengths can be manufactured from one foot long to unlimited lengths.
    • Fume Hoods
      • Fume hoods increase the process efficiency and ensure the safety of the operators and the working environment by exhausting volatile fumes while maintaining high levels of heat retention.
    • Emergency Stops
      • Emergency stops can be customized in appearance, location, and function to match the process needs and protect your employees and products.
    • Automatic Startup & Shutdown
      • Automatic oven startup and shutdown functions save valuable production time by allowing the oven to heat up before the production shift begins, and prevents wasted energy or product damage if an oven is left unattended.
    • Digital Belt Speed Control
      • Digital Belt Speed Controls streamline and simplify the belt speed adjustment. This is great for ovens that process more than one product. The display is simple and can be programmed to match your exact application. It can be set in feet/meters per minute, or for the products retention time inside of the heating chamber.
    • Material and Product Spreaders
      • The arrangement of parts and products on the conveyor belt is critical to the heating and drying process. Spreaders ensure that appropriate conveyor belt loading occurs to retain the appropriate heat transfer and air circulation inside of the heating chamber.
    • Lockout Controls
      • You can ensure that critical processes are protected while the oven is in operation with protective locking covers for the switches and controls.
    • Belt Direction
      • The belt direction can be set to your application and process needs. When the oven design has two belts, they can operate in the same or opposite directions.

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