At times, we hear bits of confusion regarding our Infra-Air heating systems. Many people think it might be an acronym, but we assure you that it is not. Infra-Air is actually just a combination of the words “Infrared” and “Air”. Here at Hix Industrial Ovens, we have over 55 years of knowledge regarding multiple types of Industrial Oven heating. But for today’s purposes, we are just going to talk about Infra-Air heat. It’s quite a list, so we are breaking it up into multiple parts. Stay tuned for part two very soon!

First off, what is Infra-Air? “Infra-Air” is the use of Infrared heating panels combined with a recirculating air system that circulates the heated air according to size of the oven and the specific application increasing the energy and process efficiency. Infrared energy is electromagnetic radiation that shares wavelengths with visible light, but like most of the Infrared spectrum, is invisible to the human eye. In fact, most of the heat that people and other room temperature objects give off is emitted through infrared radiation. Infrared heating is common in everything from saunas and pet lamps, to Industrial conveyor and batch ovens. Infrared heat can be used for curing, drying, annealing, preheating, and a variety of other applications.

Instant Heating

When you need to get the job done fast, Infra-Air is the right choice. It creates almost instant heat, which makes it an incredible heat source for our line of Industrial Ovens. This type of fast heating is possible because the Infrared radiation wavelengths do not penetrate materials. They transfer their energy to the molecules the radiation impacts. Through the diffusion of energy, the object then begins to heat very quickly.

Infra-Air Efficiency

Infra-Air heating is a great way to maintain the energy efficiency of your process. Our Infrared panels convert energy to heat at 97%, compared to only 86% from quartz lamps, and 60% from quartz tubes. Other heating sources don’t even come close. The efficiency can be increased tremendously by changing the IR wavelength of our Infrared panels to the optimal heating wavelength of the material being processed. Our Infrared panels are custom built in-house and they excel, compared to even our top competitors. Our Infrared panels are engineered with your specific application and process in mind. Each panel is built to a specific wattage and wavelength to ensure the most efficient heating with the least amount of expended energy. Our panels generate heat from custom engineered ni-chrome ribbon, which is embedded in a fiber board, baked for strength, and tested to ensure performance. By adding air circulation within the oven, Infrared heat becomes even more efficient by retaining up to 97% of the heated air in the oven chamber.

Well, that’s it for part one of our Infra-Air blog. If you are in the market for a custom Industrial Oven or Dryer, Hix Industrial Ovens offers batch, conveyor, and continuous web tunnel & tower designs for a variety of light and medium duty industrial needs. For more information about our Industrial Ovens, applications, processes, or custom features, contact us now.