Sometimes we get asked; What makes our Industrial Ovens so great? Well, the answer entails everything that we are, from our employees, to our home, our customers, and our products. Let’s see if we can give a fair and full answer. If you are looking for an Industrial Oven, HIX Industrial Ovens is your source for the best custom Industrial Ovens on the market today. Don’t believe us? Read on and find out what makes our Industrial Ovens great.


We’ve been manufacturing Industrial Ovens for over 55 years. Throughout that time, we’ve made many advancements and are proud to say that we’ve kept the same high standards in quality and efficiency the entire time. We started with conveyor ovens and screen printing equipment that helped graphics businesses large and small around the world follow their dreams, prosper, and grow. When we started building our Industrial Ovens, we had similar successes and are proud to have contributed to establishing the United States of America as a giant in manufacturing and commerce. Fast forward to 2018 and we currently serve 60 different countries with high quality Industrial Ovens that have spread the American dream of commerce and exceptional production quality across the world. Throughout this process we have learned the types of lessons that only experience and hard work can teach. We carry those lessons into each Industrial Oven that we manufacture, whether the Industrial Oven is a gas-fired curing oven, an Infra-air annealing oven, or anything in between.

The American Difference

American manufacturing means quality, efficiency, and durability. All of our Industrial Ovens are manufactured in Pittsburg, Kansas, the heartland of the United States where our modest company first got its start in 1963. As we have expanded, we have stuck to our American roots and made sure that from sales and customer service to engineering and fabrication, our Industrial Ovens are built right here in the same location. That way we have all the manufacturing steps under one roof for a truly unprecedented level of communication that ensures complete customer satisfaction.

We expect the highest quality from every stage of the process. From the relationships that our sales representatives develop with our customers, to the most modern CAD software and CNC machinery that our engineering and production departments use to design and manufacture each and every piece of equipment that leaves our doors.

American efficiency means two things for our Industrial Ovens. 1. To reduce the amount of time needed for the process’ completion without losing superior product quality. 2. The maximum amount of retained heat, and the minimum amount of heat lost in the heating and cooling processes. That translates into energy saved is money saved. With the tremendous amount of energy that is needed to power Industrial Ovens, that translates into significant financial savings each year.

American durability means that our Industrial Ovens last. We understand that they are an investment and our customers come to us for the best line of custom Industrial Ovens on the entire market. We want them to last. Each of our Industrial Ovens has decades of life in them and we offer maintenance contracts to ensure smooth sailing throughout the future.

With quality, efficiency, and durability, our Industrial Ovens are superior to anything built abroad. Even other American companies can’t compete. With outsourced manufacturing to drive down costs, that will only cost their clients later in poor performance and shorter lifespans. If we have to choose, we choose American workers, American designs, and American innovation every time. That way our customers get American results, a thriving business and reliable results.

True Industrial Oven Customer Service

Our customer service team is factory trained and has years of field experience operating and performing maintenance on our Industrial Ovens. They understand the practical elements of our Industrial Ovens and use that knowledge to understand the performance requirements of each of our customers. That way, we know what you know, and are prepared to take real life experiences and apply it to what you need. Throughout the entire process of our Industrial Oven design and construction, our sales, engineering, and manufacturing departments are in touch with each other to provide you with an unprecedented level of customization to be able to create the most efficient and cost effective Industrial Oven possible.

Custom Designed and Engineered

When we talk customization and options we mean dozens of different features, and many different types of advanced heating methods for your industrial and material needs. From Infrared and Infra-air, to gas or electric hot air convection heating, we have you covered. We have a heating type and any custom feature needed for any type of Industrial Oven. Need an Industrial Oven for laminating glass? We have you covered. Plastic annealing? You got it. Your have a need, we have a solution.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our Industrial Ovens are manufactured for the cutting edge by the cutting edge. We offer advanced Infrared, Infra-air, and Hot Air Convection heating systems, with designs that reach 97% thermal efficiency, and also feature adjustable velocity forced air knife cooling units. All of our Industrial Conveyor Oven designs are able to be integrated with HMI/PLC controllers for robotic assembly systems. Options are also available for advanced data management, troubleshooting, and remote control systems.

Hix Industrial Ovens provides an advantage that other Industrial Oven manufacturers can’t compare to. Whether you’re looking for a plastics annealing oven, a customized epoxy curing oven, or any other light or medium duty Industrial conveyor or batch oven in a configuration from a small cabinet style to a large walk-in size, we have you covered. To learn more, contact HIX Industrial Ovens for more information.