HIX Industrial Ovens has the pleasure of working with manufacturers who need to heat the rubber parts they manufacture. These parts come in many different shapes and sizes, from tractor tires to small silicone-based products. We understand that rubber can be very temperature sensitive, which if incorrect, can cause negative results. Our Industrial Ovens are perfect for your rubber heating needs because they can handle your small jobs, big jobs, heavy jobs, batch oven jobs, and continuous conveyor jobs. We specialize in custom Industrial Ovens.

Our 55 years of experience includes the curing, drying, force shrinking, and preheating of rubber materials. HIX Industrial Ovens understands your need to balance an efficient process while also maintaining the integrity of the rubber parts by preventing overheating and damage.

Regardless of your product, we encourage you to contact us to see if our Industrial Oven technology is the right fit for you. We always focus on asking the questions needed to better understand your application and process so we can design, engineer, and recommend the correct oven for your requirements. At HIX Industrial Ovens, our goal is not to simply sell you an oven, but to become your solutions partner. Please let us to add you to our list of loyal and satisfied customers!