HIX Industrial Ovens has over 55 years of experience building Industrial Ovens for manufacturers of many different products. One of the many is for the plastics industry. Our strict standards of working closely with our customers becomes even more important when considering the variety of temperature and time specifications needed for products made from plastic based materials. Often a small temperature variance can compromise the integrity of the product in a matter of seconds. HIX Industrial Ovens are designed, engineered, and tested for precise temperature accuracy and balance within the heating chamber.

Our experience includes the annealing, stress relieving, post curing, and preheating of plastics. We have the plastics and polymer knowledge necessary to be able to maximize the heating processes involved.

Regardless of your product, we encourage you to call us to see if our Industrial Oven technology is the right fit for you. We always focus on asking the questions needed about your application and process so we can design, engineer, and recommend the correct Industrial Oven for your requirements. At HIX Industrial Ovens, our goal is not to simply sell you an Industrial Oven, but to become your solutions partner. Please let us to add you to our list of loyal and satisfied customers!