HIX Industrial Oven’s customers come to us because of the attention to detail that we provide when we build ovens specifically for their products. Whether you manufacture battery components, circuit boards, sensors, or anything in between, we will assist you in building the correct Industrial oven for your electronics production. Electronic parts can be very temperature sensitive and we understand the risks with electrostatic discharge. We take many factors into consideration when designing and engineering our Industrial Ovens so they will accommodate the processes in the rapidly growing electronics industry.

HIX Industrial Ovens is experienced with the highly precise processes that are required in electronics manufacturing. We provide balanced heating environments with accurate temperature uniformity and variation in the heating chamber. We design Industrial Ovens for drying and curing that provide the control and process visibility necessary to ensure a productive and efficient process.

Regardless of your product, we encourage you to call us to see if our Industrial Oven technology is the right fit for you. We always focus on asking the questions needed to understand your application and process so we can design, engineer, and recommend the correct Industrial Oven for you. At HIX Industrial Ovens, our goal is not to simply provide you with any oven, but to become your solutions partner. Please let us to add you to our list of loyal and satisfied customers!