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HIX Industrial Ovens has extensive knowledge of the dangers involved in removing solvents from coatings, paints, finishes, and varnishes. We have engineered our ovens with the components needed to exhaust all of the volatile fumes to protect the oven and the operators. We install fume hoods on each end of our Industrial Ovens and carefully balance the oven’s airflow to prevent the fumes from escaping into the working environment. Because some fumes are combustible, we can build your oven to OSHA Class A or Class II, Division I standards with purge systems and explosion proof blower motors. Safety is the first priority!

HIX Industrial Ovens works closely with paint and coating manufacturers and takes into account the products curing specifications. With over 55 years of experience, we are able to maximize your production throughput while achieving the highest quality cure and maintaining your safety.

Regardless of your process, we encourage you to call us to see if our Industrial Oven technology is the right fit for you. We always take the time to ask the questions needed to understand your application and process so we can design, engineer, and recommend the correct Industrial Oven for your requirements. At HIX Industrial Ovens our goal is not to simply sell you an oven, but instead, to become your solutions partner. Please let us to add you to our list of loyal and satisfied customers!