HIX Industrial Ovens customers in the automotive industry come to us because of our knowledge and experience regarding the industry applications and processes. From custom belt fixtures for processing windshields to the drying of solvents in battery assemblies, we can do it all! HIX Industrial Ovens is familiar with the stringent standards and high expectations of the automotive industry. We understand the wide variety of materials used and we are able to put science and physics to work in engineering the best oven system for your process. We have conveyor ovens and batch ovens, or we can custom design what it is that you need.

We are familiar with exacting deadlines and high standards driven by OEMs. Some of our best experiences include electronic epoxy resin(potting material) curing, glass preheating, fiber insulation preheating, and adhesive curing. Our customers include integrators, original equipment manufacturers, and contract manufacturers.

Regardless of your application, we encourage you to call us and see if our Industrial Oven technology is the correct solution for your process. We always focus on gaining the information needed so we can design, engineer, and recommend the correct Industrial Oven. At HIX Industrial Ovens, our goal is not to simply sell you an oven or dryer, but instead, to find a solution to your problem. Please let us to add you to our list of loyal and satisfied customers!