Industrial Ovens play a key role in the medical world. They are used in the production of medical devices, optics, pharmaceuticals, and even sterilizing. At Hix Industrial Ovens, we can proudly say that our high quality custom Industrial Ovens have made huge contributions across all sectors of the medical industry.


The medical industry is one of the most important applications for Industrial Ovens anywhere. They are a critical element in everything from research and development to production. Hix Industrial Ovens help process sophisticated chemical compounds rapidly and at exact temperatures. They are custom designed for the precise temperatures and efficient processes that are needed. Other Industrial Oven medical applications include the annealing of precision plastic instruments, such as cannulaes used in open heart surgery, or Infrared Conveyor and Batch Ovens with HEPA grade filtered, recirculated air that are used to rapidly and thoroughly sterilize test equipment.

Medical Devices

How could a chest spreader hold open a sternum during surgery without a quality annealing oven? When your life depends on an medical device, it has to be well made. Hix Industrial Ovens are used to create the artificial limbs that help the wounded regain their lifes, and in creating MRI scanners and the sophisticated microchips in computers that analyze blood samples. Our Industrial Ovens are of the highest quality and made for only one purpose: to match your exact specifications at a quality that exceeds your expectations.

Optical Equipment

The optics industry is one of the most fascinating industries that Industrial Ovens are used in. Our customized Industrial Ovens are perfect for the precise and time sensitive drying, curing, and annealing of optic lenses and components. Our customized Industrial Ovens come with options such as specialized fixtures that are perfect for keeping highly sensitive lenses scratch and smudge free, and PLC and HMI systems that allow for robotic pick and place integration. Not only this, but our Industrial Ovens offer superior temperature, precision, and efficiency, making sure that the optical world receives the most reliable and efficient Industrial Ovens available on the market today. Microscopes, surgical equipment, and sophisticated scoping instruments all process through Industrial Ovens at some point. Proudly, a large number of these process through Hix Industrial Ovens.

From research and development, to advanced production techniques, Hix Corporation has the Industrial Ovens that help create the lifesaving equipment and drugs in the medical world. If you are in need of an Industrial Oven, and want quality, longevity, and precision, than look no further than the over 55 years of quality industrial oven experience that we have under our belt. Check out our website or contact our sales for more information!