HIX Ovens 101



HIX preheating ovens support temperatures less than 600º F. Superior in performance; our Industrial preheating ovens are used for a variety of industrial products, and typically use Infra-air heating. We provide for a wide range of applications such as infrared ovens used to preheat plastics for logo stamping, or infra-air ovens to melt resins into carbon fibers to craete lightweight structural materials.

HIX Industrial Ovens & Dryers knows that increased productivity via reduced preheat time is critical to efficient production. We evaluate process needs and materials to best use our 50+ years of experience to create the most efficient preheating process possible. Using our experience, we have successfully increased process throughput and reduced the energy cost equipment. For many applications, we have been able to reduce process time by as much as 10-25% translating into big savings.

Drying Industrial dryer

Our industrial dryers typically use infra-air (IR with air recirculated) , IR, or electric hot air convection in our custom industrial dryer designs, but also offer gas versions. Our industrial are typically made of corrosion resistant galvanized steel, ceramic wool insulation and a 97% air recirculation system for efficiency. Customization options are listed near the bottom of this page but include rack or conveyor designs, air knife systems for rapid drying, easy access points, precision control features, and the ability to interface with robotic production lines. The industries and applications we are experienced with include but aren’t limited to the application of coatings, adhesives, inks, and finishes, or the removal of residual water or solvents from washing processes.


The HIX industrial curing ovens’ primary focus is to efficiently reach the temperature needed to start your desired chemical reactions for powder coating, vulcanization, plastic to plastic melding, setting carbon molds, and much more. Superior in performance, our industrial dryers come with options for IR, infra-air, or gas heating with convection options, multiple temperature control zones, top-down air circulation for better curing, and custom watt, temperatures, and sizes available. A full list of all industrial curing options is below.


Our custom annealing ovens specialize in annealing plastics and composite sat less than 600°F. After your initial molding process, our annealing ovens raise the temperature to specific temperature and hold it there as polymer chains are allowed to reorganize to relieve stress from the initial molding process and increase lifetime. Each of our annealing ovens are are designed for maximum efficiency so holding temperatures for hours or days doesn’t cost more than necessary. Our annealing ovens come with hyper precise temperature control for absolute control over temperature increases, decreases, and holding points. Our designs come in either batch or continuous annealing designs based on your needs.



Conveyor ovens are superb for drying and some curing purposes. Our conveyor belts come in steel or treated fiberglass material, with either single or multi-belt designs. Optional sensors for auto stopping or starting are possible, along with heat curtains, door height, and precision temperature sensors, along with many others. Any conveyor system can be outfitted to be compatible with robotic assembly and production processes.


HIX can custom build any type of batch or truck oven to meet your curing, drying, sterilizing, or annealing requirements. Our engineering and production team can design batch ovens for anything in size from cabinet ovens, to walk-in or even drive-in ovens.

Continuous Web

HIX tower oven systems are efficient for web printing solvent-based ink, conductive ink, water-based ink, and solvent-based lamination systems. The HIX tower oven is not only more energy efficient, but it has extremely even temperature distributions making it perfect for your precision printing needs. Our continuous web systems come in a variety of sizes with the ability to create custom systems.


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The Hix Industrial Oven’s IR panels are custom made in-house. They can be custom built for certain wattages, or wavelengths that are the most receptive to a given material or process to achieve your product specifications. This provides us with a more efficient heating system due to control of the the amount of resistance in each panel to ensure the lowest amount of energy possible is required for a substrate to reach the required temperature.


Air circulation is added to IR heat when vapor barriers are likely, or volatiles need to be evacuated from the oven chamber. The combination of IR heat panels and air circulation helps to maximize drying and curing processes in batch ovens, and heat and drying ovens, as well as, ensure a safe heating environment.

Electric Hot Air Convection

Electric Hot Air Convection systems provide a distinct set of advantages over IR panel heaters. Electric hot air convection ovens use stainless steel-finned strip heaters that are heated to a set temperature. Air is then circulated across the finned strips to provide heat into the oven with a very low temperature variance. This heating system is also great for reaching set temperature, and is gentle on delicate substrates.

Gas Hot Air Convection

Gas Hot Air Convection systems provide a very similar set of attributes as electric hot air convection. A gas burner is installed and calibrated to provide a proper amount of BTUs based on the product and process needs. Gas burners come in various sizes and can be installed in multiple locations and quantities depending on the size of the oven or dryer.

Gas types which can be utilized are natural gas, propane, butane, and blends. Like Electric Hot Air Convection, Gas hot air convection is gentle on substrates

Quartz Elements

Quartz heating elements reach parameter temperatures in a matter of seconds and are perfect for gelling, pre-curing, and post-curing inks and resins. Quartz heating elements cure and dry ink faster at a faster rate than traditional ink drying methods and are perfect for tower ovens.