The Story of HIX Corporation….A True American Success Story!

It all started 50 years ago in a small automobile repair garage in Pittsburg, Kansas. Two brothers, unhappy and unimpressed with their employment situation decided to take matters into their own hands and get back to their roots and what made them happy….working with their own hands on their own terms. Dan and Cliff Hix opened HIX Automotive, a small automobile repair shop in a small Midwest town, never imagining it would lead to becoming a top worldwide manufacturer of screen printing, heat transfer machine, industrial ovens and dryers, and commercial food equipment.

It was 1963 when the phone rang at Cliff and Dan Hix’s automobile repair shop. The customer, a local screen printer, wanted to know if the brothers could help build “something that could quickly dry his money deposit bags”, but at a low enough temperature so as not to melt the bags. HIX Automotive accepted the challenge, cut some scrap steel lying around, and built a steel wire belt conveyor oven in 11 days. A few weeks later, an ink salesman saw the “oven” and ordered one for himself. When he followed up with a second order, the HIX brothers knew they were on to something big.

They took 3 ovens to their first trade show in Chicago, where they sold all 3, plus took orders for several more. When they returned home, they closed their automotive business and began making ovens and dryers instead, unaware of the fact that they had just become one of the earliest and most valued equipment manufacturers for the imprinted textile market.

Today, the company occupies 110,000 square feet and manufactures a wide range of manual rotary screen printers, heat transfer machine equipment, conveyor ovens and dryers, retentionable frames, spot heaters, exposure units, custom industrial conveyor and batch ovens, and even commercial food equipment. With the changing markets, HIX Corporation has also adapted its products.

This year HIX Corporation will celebrate its 50th year in business. Throughout all the changes, the emphasis of the company has remained on quality, innovation, and service, both in the US domestic market and the international markets as well. Not counting on a dominant presence in the US market, HIX Corporation products are currently being represented in over 60 countries worldwide, including a direct representation in most of the countries in Europe.