HIX Industrial Ovens

The HIX Advantage

The HIX Advantage is what a customer receives when buying a HIX product, from glass annealing ovens for a conveyor system, to a room-sized batch oven, or any other custom industrial oven. The HIX Advantage falls into four distinct categories which are derived from understanding the customer’s product, process, and needs. 


HIX Industrial Ovens and Dryers have a distinct advantage over the competition, we can design our products specific to customer needs gathering from 50 years of design innovation. Our first step is to figure out exactly what your needs are and where your custom industrial oven will fit in your production system. With this knowledge, our engineers design the perfect oven to efficiently fit your production needs. Our ovens and dryers are customized in every way- Continuous web ovens, tower ovens, Truck or Batch ovens, integral post process coolers, and ovens to be integrated with robotics. We can build them to any size, from a few feet to the size of a house, with custom insulation, heating elements, and much more. We are proud to offer an extensive list of options, quality part selection, easy maintenance access, high energy efficiency, and experience with modification and design for oven use with specific substrates. Most importantly, we design around your production needs!

Energy Efficiency

Saved energy equals saved money. Our industrial ovens and dryers are Green Rated and offer custom IR heating elements to efficiently and safely convert electricity to heat, or a variety of other custom heating types that are specced for higher efficiency rates than normal! Our ovens have up to 97% heated air recirculation, are constructed with triple wall insulation, and have adjustable doors on oven openings, optional heat curtains for the line, and more.


True customization and design can be difficult to find. Many companies will add a few basic options to a standard unit and consider it customized. At HIX, we design our ovens and dryers around the customer’s product and process requirements regardless of heat type, size, or special requests. Whether it is modifying a standard unit or engineering a design from the ground up, we will meet your needs. We are able to modify a number of minute details such as the wavelength range of our IR heaters, width and length of belts, control options, and much much more. You tell us your needs, and we will design around them. It is no secret why companies recommend HIX for specialty processes and designs, we are the best!

Production Standards

Quality by design is our credo. We have a thorough information intake system, our experienced engineers design and adjust to your needs using state-of-the-art CAD systems, and our HIX craftspeople, utilizing rigid quality control standards, build each unit one-at-a-time. Our custom industrial ovens come from a completely integrated facility, complete with an aluminum foundry, CNC machinery, welding, metal fabrication, painting, and assembly capabilities. Due to our thorough and comprehensive processes, HIX can ensure quality in all stages of the manufacturing process. To illustrate, we manufacture our own infrared heat panels to the size and watt density you need as to ensure consistent curing temperature control and performance. Upon completion, the unit is fully tested before shipping to ensure years of trouble-free service. Many of our standard models are ETL listed (U.S. models), CE approved (European models), while custom electric powered models are built to UL-499 standards and gas fired ovens are built to UL-795 standards. A well regulated production process is one of the keys to our success. Our production standards rely on a foundation of communication between departments during all phases from intake to final production, guaranteeing that your oven is perfect for your needs.

Whether interested in batch ovens or annealing furnaces, our ovens at HIX industrial ovens and dryers are commonly used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications ranging from electronics, glass, chemical, and medical, to custom and other industrial processes requiring drying, curing or heating products. We also offer on-site installations! To get started on your custom industrial oven, contact us here