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Conveyor Ovens

  • HIX Conveyor Ovens are built to help you get the job done. We understand your need for increased productivity while keeping high-quality levels and energy efficiency in mind. Our ovens offer superior design to meet your specific needs through true customization, from exact product dimensions to precise wavelength ranges. With our experienced engineers and production staff, you can have confidence that your custom oven will be built to exceed your expectations with our strong production standards.

    At HIX, our primary focus area is 600°F or less. Our custom dryer company can handle belt widths of 24-72” with dual conveyor options, and 5’-unlimited lengths. Generally, our pre-heat, drying, and curing processes for light to medium duty applications are measured in pounds per hour vs tons per hour. HIX also specializes in Infra-Air, Infrared, electric hot air convection and gas hot air convection. As always, our processes closely take oriented design and various specifications into consideration. Contact our custom industrial oven business with any questions!

  • Some examples of Conveyor Oven Applications

    Curing Adhesive

    Electric hot air convection oven used to cure adhesive on automotive dashboards.

    • Top down airflow
    • Adjustable belt speed, air circulation, and temperature
    • 72” wide stainless steel wire mesh belt
    • 11’ long oven chamber with 12” fume hoods
    • 16” tall oven opening with adjustable doors
    • 175F operating temperature
    • 480V, 60 Amps, 143,000 BTU
    • Emergency Stops
    • Built to CSA standards

    Drying Specialty Inks

    Electric infra-air oven used to dry specialty inks on mylar film.

    • Heaters placed above the belt with top down air flow
    • Adjustable belt speed, air circulation, and temperature
    • 41.5” wide silicon belt
    • Dual 11’ long oven chambers with 12” fume hoods
    • 6” adjustable belt height via jack screws under the belt
    • 350F operating temperature
    • 480V, 100 Amps, 262,000 BTU
    • Built to UL-499 standards

    Pre-heating Rubber Tires

    Natural gas hot air convection oven used to pre-heat rubber tires prior to mounting.

    • Top down airflow
    • Adjustable belt speed and temperature
    • 48” wide heavy duty flat wire belt
    • Dual 11’ long oven chamber with 12” fume hoods
    • 12” tall oven opening with adjustable doors
    • 250-400F operating temperature
    • 480V, 10 Amps
    • 200,000 – 600,000 BTU capacity
    • Emergency Stop
    • Built to UL-795 standards

    • Additional Airflow
      • Some processes require a high level of air circulation or impingement. By matching airflow to the process, a high level of process efficiency and quality can be achieved.
    • Auto Shutdown/Start Up
      • Automatic start and stop functions can save valuable production time by having the oven warm up as employees are preparing for their shift or allowing them to work until the end of the day.
    • Belt Direction
      • Belt direction can be set to match floor layout and process needs. In any case, two belts can be designed so that they can move in the same or opposite directions.
    • Belt Fixtures
      • Our engineering team and machine shop can design custom fixtures to carry your product through the oven and simplify your procurement process.
    • Belt Height
      • Our belt height is designed to match partner equipment, and adjustability is important for designing a versatile oven solution.
    • Belt Type
      • Belt selection allows for increased process control as it can affect integrity of the part and directly affects various aspects of an oven including airflow and longevity of the belt.
    • Digital Belt Speed Control
      • Belt speed adjustment is simple and can be programmed to suit preferences. The display can be set in feet or meters per minute or residence time inside the oven chamber.
    • Emergency Stops
      • Protect employees and product with emergency stops. Location, look, and function can be designed to suit preferences.
    • Eye Stop Sensors
      • Eye stop sensors on the exit end of the oven can provide multiple benefits. They can help to notify a work a part is ready, prevent parts from dropping to the floor, or trigger a robotic pick and place function.
    • Fume Hoods
      • Fume hoods capture fumes or volatiles. For the purpose of recirculation, some of the escaped heated air results in a safer, more energy efficient operation.
    • Heat Curtains
      • For many processes, heat curtains provide added energy efficiency by creating a barrier at oven openings to retain as much heat as possible inside the oven chamber.
    • High/Low Temp Alarm Sensors
      • Quality assurance can be supported for temperature sensitive products by installing a temperature controller that can be set to alarm and notify workers if oven temperatures are out of a set range.
    • Indexing Belt
      • Indexing belts provide a benefit for processes requiring specialized pickup or placement of a part, or can be used to control process time and match production cycles.
    • Infeed/Exit Feed Length Adjustment
      • Oven conveyor extensions can be customized to suit process needs from as short as one foot to unlimited lengths.
    • Lockout Controls
      • Lockout controls can be provided as needed from lockable cover over controls, or special switches and power functions.
    • Material and Product Spreaders
      • Arrangement of parts and product is important to a heating or drying process. Spreaders can ensure appropriate belt loading to maximize time and energy inside the oven chamber.
    • Oven Opening Height
      • A specialized oven opening height allows for increased process control and heat retention by setting a process specific distance between the product and the heater.
    • Post Cooler
      • In situations where product needs to be cooled prior to handling, or in a next step process a filtered forced ambient air cooler can be specified to match product properties and process requirements.
    • Product Interface Device
      • HMI concept and function can be designed to match your process and production needs, keeping operations and control simple and intuitive.
    • Robotic Pick and Place Interface
      • Pick and place options range from custom fixture with arm movement compatibility to a triggering mechanism letting the robot or oven know it is time to process the next part.
    • Specialized Controls and Communication
      • Customized controls allows for a higher level of process control and management. Control or monitor remotely or create a system of feedback and alarms that protect your high precision process.

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