continuous web ovens

Continuous Web Ovens

  • HIX Industrial Ovens and Dryers’ continuous web ovens are the best in the business in curing inks for printing, including, conductive inks or continuous webs of printed circuit boards.

    Our Continuous Web Ovens are custom designed for customers integrating it into their web printing line. These ovens/dryers can process material as thin as .005 inch thickness. By utilizing vacuum collector boxes, it compensates for starts and stops in the production and indexing of the web between print cycles. We offer two designed of continuous web ovens with their own advantages.

    Tower Ovens

    Used for continuous webs with operating temperatures typically below 350F, our tower ovens use thin pliable webs with widths of 24” or less, and electric hot air convection to cure ink, including conductive inks and webs of circuit boards. Benefits include significantly reducing floor space use in your factory and a speed adjustable collecting system for printed material. Our  tower ovens are a perfect fit for companies in the electronics or printing industries who require long runs of product but have limited horizontal space available!


    Tunnel Ovens

    Our continuous web tunnel ovens are more versatile than other ovens type of continuous webs. It uses IR or hot air convection heaters and has a broader operating temperature range, allowing for a higher level of customization. Our tunnel ovens are perfect for printing companies that are interested in curing a wide variety of inks rapidly.

    If you have questions or would like to request a quote, contact your local representative! our representatives have factory training and years of experience servicing and installing our industrial tunnel and tower ovens. We have industrial ovens for all your printing needs!

  • Some examples of Continuous Web Oven Applications

    Curing Conductive Inks

    Electric hot air convection oven used to cure conductive inks on continuous web of printed circuit boards.

    • 40 Feet of web drying length
    • Four passes
    • 208-240V, 100A, 123,000 BTU
    • 350F max temp
    • Bottom side web contact only
    • Up to 20 feet per minute web speed
    • Capable of detecting transparent plastic films
    • Silicon coated fiberglass belting
    • Adjustable up to 24” max web width
    • Overall dimensions 90”W x 100”D x 119”H

    Curing Web of Phase Change Material

    Infra-air oven used to cure web of proprietary phase change material with dual liners.

    • Top down airflow
    • Infrared combined with top down adjustable airflow
    • Fiberglass mesh belt with extra stainless steel web support tubes to prevent belt and web sagging
    • Viewing and access windows for quality control
    • Viewing lights inside oven
    • Up to 36” wide web widths
    • 46’ total feet of oven length in four sections
    • 4” tall oven opening with adjustable doors
    • Two 12” fume hoods
    • 150-450F operating temperature
    • 480V, 150 Total Amps, 406,500 BTU
    • Built to UL-499 standards

    Fiberglass mesh belt with extra stainless steel web support tubes to prevent belt and web sagging – belt not shown.

      • Some processes require a high level of air circulation or impingement. By tailoring the airflow to each process’ needs, it encourages a high level of efficiency.
      • Automatic start and stop functions can ensure efficient work time by warming ovens before work begins and prevent energy wasting when it’s over.
      • Belt direction can be set to match floor layout and process needs. If two belts are necessary, they can move in the same, or opposite, directions.
      • Belt height is critical to matching partnered equipment and is adjustable for any changes in height that may be required through the life of the oven.
      • Belt selection can affect the the integrity of the part and directly affects various aspects of an oven, including airflow and longevity of the belt.
      • Belt speed adjustment is simple and can be programmed to suit preferences. The display can be set in feet/meters per minute, or product time inside the oven chamber.
      • Emergency stops are critical to protecting employees and products. The location, look, and function of each stop can be designed to suit your specific preferences.
      • Fume hoods are excellent at redirecting fumes or volatiles to ensure safer and  more energy efficient operations.
      • Quality assurance is supported for temperature sensitive products by installing temperature sensors to notify workers if oven temperatures are under or over a set range.
      • Conveyor belt extensions can be customized to any length from as short as one foot to unlimited feet.
      • Lockout controls help maintain safe and proper use from qualified personnel. We offer lockable covers for control panels, switches.
      • A custom oven chamber height controls the distance between the heat source and the product, and also allows for different insulation, efficiency, and airflow depending on the oven’s purpose.
      • A post process cooler is built into an oven to cool products at your specified rate using filtered ambient air before handling or the next stage in product production occurs.
      • A Human Machine Interface console can be designed to match your production stage’s needs while keeping input and control simple and intuitive.
      • Customized controls allow for a higher level of control and management of the process. This can be setup for remote control and monitoring, and includes options for alarm installation.

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