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Batch Ovens

  • HIX Batch Ovens are built to help you get the job done. We understand your need for increased productivity while keeping high-quality levels and energy efficiency in mind. Our ovens offer superior design to meet your specific needs through true customization, from exact product dimensions to precise wavelength ranges. With our experienced engineers and production staff, you can have the confidence that your custom oven will be built to exceed your expectations with our strong production standards.

    The Class B (non-volatile materials) primary focus is 600°F or less. Our batch ovens also specialize in electric hot air convection and top to bottom, bottom to top, or horizontal airflow. There is a general outside size limitation of 8’x8’x8’ or smaller. This custom industrial oven mostly handles custom, one-off designs, and generally drying, curing, or annealing processes. Contact us with any questions!

  • Some examples of Batch Oven Applications

    Curing Coating on Gun Parts

    Electric hot air convection oven used to cure coating on gun parts.

    • Internal dimensions 84”W x 24”D x 50”H
    • Four wire grid shelves
    • Two swing away doors
    • Bottom to top airflow
    • 350F max oven temperature
    • 240V, 30 Amps, 40,920 BTU
    • Built to UL-499 standards

    Drying Carts of Plastic Containers

    Electric hot air convection oven used to dry carts of plastic containers.

    • Internal dimensions of each chamber 48”W x 60”D x 76”H
    • Overall dimensions of 196”W x 62”D x 105”H
    • Open to floor
    • Three swing away doors
    • Electric Hot Air Convection
    • Horizontal air flow
    • 200F max oven temperature
    • 480V, 40 Amps, 82,000 BTU
    • Built to UL-499 standards

    • Directional Airflow
      • Airflow that maximizes the heating process is critical. The heating process can be designed to match process needs including bottom to top, left to right, right to left, or from both sides simultaneously.
    • Shelf Type and Quality
      • Shelving can be customized to match process needs allowing for maximization of oven chamber volume.
    • Control Type
      • Our control systems start simple and gain complexity as is appropriate for the application and interfacing needs.
    • Temperature Range
      • Our library of batch ovens have various temperature ranges. In most cases they can modified to operate at 400F or less.

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