There are often times discussions about different economies around the world moving more towards the service industries and remote computer related jobs, but more so than ever, industry plays a key role in many places with the need for Industrial Ovens. The world of Industrial Ovens remains as big as ever. HIX Industrial Ovens has over 55 years of experience creating high quality custom Industrial Conveyor, Batch, and Web Printing Ovens for industries across the United States and around the world. To combat the idea that there isn’t much demand for Industrial Ovens, here is a very small part of the list of the places that are thriving using HIX Industrial Ovens in industry.  


Industrial Ovens in Lagos

Lagos is the capital city of Nigeria. It is well known for being one of the most competitive places in the world and for the incredible hustle of the people that live there. In Lagos, the technology industry is booming and we have helped fill their need for Industrial Infrared Conveyor Ovens that are used to for creating microchips and circuit boards. Lagos has become a bustling metropolis that is striving to push itself into the future and help redefine the image of Nigeria and Africa in general. Hix Industrial Ovens takes pride in being part of the industry that is changing the face of Africa for the better.

Industrial Ovens in South Africa

South Africa is another area that has been known for nearly a century as a center for industrial production, but it’s not done expanding in the least. Companies in cities across this country, from Durban, to Gautaeng, Cape Town, are calling on Industrial Oven manufacturers to help them be a leader in the technology industries. As recently as 2017, South Africa has been declared to be in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are proud to be in the business of helping others develop and grow. South Africa’s business leadership has stated that this economic boom is a key time for job creation, further inclusion, and a transformation into a truly modern and fair society.


Industrial Ovens in the Philippines

Industrial Ovens in the Philippines are playing a key role in uplifting the poor and bridging the wealth gap that has historically threatened large areas of this country. As the industries here continue to produce significant amounts of the GDP and the energy and automotive industry takes off, industrial ovens are in exceedingly high demand. In automotive production, customized glass drying ovens are helping create bold new pushes into the Asian automotive market. In energy and electronics customized plastic drying ovens are helping put Phillipian electronics on the map.


Industrial Ovens in Australia

In the land down under, industrial ovens are in high demand across a number of heavy to light industries from shipbuilding to telecommunications and even retail. Industrial annealing ovens help increase the strength of the steel in Australian ships. Industrial infrared conveyor ovens are used in their growing aviation industry, telecommunications, and some are even helping retail as mass printing dryers.  


Industrial Ovens in UK

Even the UK has a fresh demand for industrial ovens. Known for decades as the post industrial revolution poster child, the UK has balanced out a bit and continues its industrial boom. Industrial annealing ovens assist in the production and strength of Rolls-Royce’s legendary jet engines. Their pharmaceutical and medical industries are constantly being assisted and expanded by medical belt dryer ovens.

Industrial Ovens in The United States of America

Then, there is the good old USA. The birthplace of flight and electricity, the only country to land men on the moon, and the proud home of Hixcorp and Hix Industrial Ovens, the United States is no exception to the fallacy of industry disappearing. With the largest GDP in world, it’s no wonder that industrial ovens form the backbone of the manufacturing industry across the United States. In telecommunications, custom plastic drying ovens are making sure that microchips are properly cured. In the automotive industry, annealing ovens and customized glass drying ovens are making sure that production is as efficient and cost effective as possible. In the development of cutting edge medical equipment and life saving drugs, medical belt dryer ovens are making sure that only the best medical equipment is made.

We weren’t kidding when we said that the world of industrial ovens was big. They provide jobs, growth, and opportunity for millions of workers across the planet. Here at Hixcorp and Hix Industrial Ovens, we couldn’t be happier to be helping the world grow. If you are looking for the best custom industrial ovens on the market, there are no finer than a Hix industrial oven or dryer. Browse our near endless range of options, features, and possible applications.