The world of production is one of incredible amounts of competition. It requires balancing your need for maximum efficiency with high quality. Ongoing issues, or a series of bad luck events, can set companies back to points that are hard to recover from. This guide is part two of our series on streamlining and improving your production process for maximum quality and efficiency. Using our methods, you can safeguard against equipment failure and make sure that efficiency is not only increased but maintained while increasing quality of product.

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Tip #7: Cleaning is Inspection

We know that regular use of industrial equipment—and especially industrial ovens—means that residue from the product oftentimes accumulates and can affect proper operation of the machine. Cleaning and inspecting it retains efficiency while heading off potential operational issues. Not only does this help maintain efficient equipment, but promoting a clean work environment helps promote efficiency.

Tip #8: Work with a Total Productive Management Specialist (TPM)

TPM specialists are specialized workers that perform simple day-to-day tasks of equipment maintenance and checkups. All TPM specialists should be familiar with the machines that are used and able to identify and troubleshoot potential issues as they arise. TPM specialists can also include a technician for quick fixes or further troubleshooting. Using a TPM specialist is a highly effective way to avoid the downtime of large scale repairs or equipment replacement.

Tip #9: Identify Critical Spare Parts

Every piece of manufacturing machinery has critical parts that are more prone to failure than others. Find out what parts these are on your equipment and keep spares on hand to make sure that a breakdown just means a few hours of downtime and not a few days or weeks of waiting for a part to come in from a supplier.

Tip #10: Replace Equipment Before it Breaks 

Although we all want to get every last penny we can out of expensive industrial equipment, it’s incredibly important to make sure that your equipment is replaced before the end of its lifespan. Not only can that mean improved technology on newer models, but it can avoid safety issues when a critical failure creates a “totalled” machine.

Tip #11: Have a Plan for Equipment Failure

Make sure that you have up to date contact information for your equipment suppliers and parts division. This is simply good practice, and can streamline the process of getting answers about equipment issues if they occur. In the event that your technicians are unable to repair an issue, or need a rare part replaced, we at HIX Industrial Ovens make sure to maintain regional offices that have spare parts and even offer maintenance and repair if your business is unable. This expedites the process of oven repair and gets you your spare parts faster.

Tip # 12: Use Quality Equipment

Manufacturing is expensive. It requires advanced, and at times, one-of-a-kind machines to perform tasks at the limits of task efficiency and material resilience. Oftentimes this means that companies will go for expensive base models or equipment that are not built for the exact task on hand. In the end, the small difference in price is dwarfed by the cost in efficiency or reputation as your production process generates products that aren’t meeting their true potential in quality or numbers produced. If you are using industrial conveyor or batch ovens for annealing, drying, or curing, make sure to get high quality custom HIX industrial ovens in order to not only get the longest lifespan, but an oven that is tailored to your exact process and production needs.

Tip # 13: Keep Sales, Production, and Engineering in Constant Communication

These three pillars are the heart of any operation. Constant and effective communication between the three of them only multiplies their effectiveness. Like all of these tips, this is one that we really live by. Here at HIX we use sophisticated information sharing systems to keep all our departments not only in touch, but in constant communication, and checks to work toward one unified goal: creating the most efficient and effective industrial oven to meet or exceed the needs of a client.  

Tip # 14 Use Technology to Improve Communication

Make sure that you’ve upgraded to the latest communication technologies to connect your departments. Applications for rapid messaging on computers, or shared task management systems, help your departments stay in tough in almost real time and figure out the nuances of exactly what your client wants and needs.

Here at HIX Industrial Ovens, we hope that our guide has helped your production process streamline to maximum efficiency. There are a lot of different components that go into a maximum efficiency operation, and we know that you’ve got them. If you are looking for batch ovens or conveyor ovens for printing, drying, curing, annealing, and more in light and medium industry, contact one of your area field representative for a free quote. Help your business’ production process with the HIX advantage!